200 x 300 Vacuum Bags – Silver/Silver

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200 x 300 Vacuum Bags

Colour: Silver
Material: Aluminized PET
Size: 20×20cm (7.8×11.8″)

1. Non-toxic and odourless.
2. Good sealing performance, and it is not easy to be torn.
3. Good moisture and antifouling effect.
4. Can store fruit powder, dried fruits, tea leaves, cereal grains, chemical products, snack foods, decorations, clothing, electronic components, etc.

200 x 300 Vacuum Bags

All our hops and yeast that we package ourselves are packaged in these Vacuum Bags. Sizes ranging from 10g to 1kg packaged goods.

Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 cm

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