25L barrel – Refurbished Wine

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25L Refurbished Wine Barrel. The wine barrel is built with shaved staves from old wine barrels, to expose new fresh wood. And the ends are new. Please note that this is the wine barrel only. Should you wish a tap and/or stand, please add those to your order.

This product is suitable for distillate as well.  If available we can do either French or American oak.


NB! This product is built to order, as barrels dry out and crack if they sit on our shelves, and these are dependent on availability from our suppliers. A lead time will thus apply. Extra shipping surcharges may be applicable should you be in a remote/rural area, so please confirm with us before ordering. Otherwise your order might not be fulfilled.

When ordering this, please select EFT payment as your payment option, so that we can first confirm all the details before paying.

French and American Oak barrels for ageing spirits and wines and fortified wines.

Our suppliers are traditional cooperages and produce world-class products, handcrafted by expert artisan coopers. We can supply premium quality products at remarkably competitive prices, while we strive always to give dependable customer service.

Our focus is on the finer details, and we ensure that every barrel is manufactured perfectly, to specification, to exceed customers’ standards. These barrels are hand built, which means a lead time before delivery.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions51 × 35 × 40 cm

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