Heatsink for Solid State Relay I-Type

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Heat Sink – Aluminium

Heat sinks are designed to remove heat generated during the operation of semiconductor devices, in this case, the solid-state relay.

Heat Sink – Aluminium – for Solid State Relay

Goes with the Solid State Relay and REX-C100 Digital PID Temperature Controller – Kit we sell

Must be used under constant load over 5A. Otherwise, overheating will make the possible failure of SSR. Stated nominal current relays are capable of switching at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. With increasing temperature, decreasing its relay throughput rate of 20-25% per 10 ° C. At temperatures ≈80ºC its current capacity is reduced to zero and as a consequence the failure. To avoid overheating the relay, it is necessary to install the cooling radiator.

In the selection consider the factors influencing the cooling, such as the place of installation, ambient temperature, air circulation, the load on the solid-state relay. In some cases, for more efficient cooling (high air temperature, installation relay in a closed cabinet and so on), have to use a larger heat sink and install a fan to force the removal of heat.

Should be installed vertically so that nothing prevented the natural circulation of air along with the heat sink. The use of thermally conductive paste enhances heat transfer from the relay on the heat sink, but with the proviso that it is applied very thin (tens of microns) to fill cracks and clearances.


  • Certifications: TUV CCC CE RoHS
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Current: 20A
  • Dimension(mm): 82mm X 52mm X 50mm
  • Inner Dimensions: 50mm X 82mm

Additional information

Weight0.115 kg
Dimensions8.2 × 5.2 × 5 cm

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