Bramling Cross 5kg T90

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Perhaps Brew Dog Brewery says it best when they speak of Bramling Cross as being “elegant, refined, assured, (boring) and understated”. They suggest people often don’t use enough of Bramling Cross to let its true flavors and eccentricities shine.

When used in large quantities the fruity element in Bramling Cross springs to life. This use exhibits complex fruity notes of lemon, blackcurrant and pear, particularly when used as a late addition. Some brewers have also recorded notes of blackberries and plums.

Bramling Cross

Alpha Acid5-8%
Beta Acid2.3-3.2%
Oil CompositionMyrcene: 36%, Humulene: 25%, Farnesene: Trace
Total Oil0.7-1.0ml/100g


Progress, Brewer’s Gold


Bred from a cross in 1927 between Bramling (one of the traditional Golding varieties) and a male seedling of the Manitoban (Canadian) wild hop.  Also known as OT48, this variety was developed at Wye College by Professor Salmon.


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Weight5.2 kg
Dimensions20 × 40 × 10 cm

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