Bru Pro 50L Ez Bru

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Ez Bru Pro 50L

Please note these systems are custom built per order, and there is a roughly one month lead-time.

Also available in 35L and 90L. This stainless steel brewing system is complete with all fittings and electronics to make your brewing time effective and easy.

Brew Stand is separate.

Also available is the Ez Bru Pro 90L combo.

Bru Pro 50L Ez Bru

. Stainless steel vessel

. Control panel with PID

. Stainless steel grain basket

. Stainless steel hop stopper

. 14 m immersion wort chiller

. Magnetic drive brew pump

. Integrated temperature probe

. 304 SS Camlock connectors

. Medical-grade silicone hoses

. 4500 W OR 5500 W elements

. Brewing manual