Calcium Carbonate – 25kg

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Calcium carbonate

Used to adjust the PH of your brewing water upwards (higher PH).

Calcium Carbonate

In beermaking:  Sometimes used for temporary hardness in dark beers. Adjusts pH up.

In winemaking: Used to lower acidity levels. 2.5 grams per gallon will roughly lower acidity by .1%. It does not require cold stabilization to precipitate out acid-like Potassium Carbonate does, but it takes longer, affects flavour, and it reduces tartaric before dropping out malic or citric acids. See AD640 for Potassium Carbonate.

A rough approximate weight is 1 tsp = 2.7 grams. We highly recommend using a scale to weigh the product for an accurate dose. We do not recommend relying on these rough conversions for accurate dosage rates.

For detailed information please see this link: Using Salts for Brewing Water Adjustment

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Additional information

Weight25.05 kg
Dimensions70 × 45 × 20 cm

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