Coriander Whole – 50g

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Coriander Seeds Whole

Known as far back as 5000 bc and with a mention in the Bible, there is no doubt that this spice belongs in our favourite beverages! Coriander Seeds in Gin has become quite popular, being the 2nd most popular ingredient to use in Gin distilling. Then, of course, there is no mention of coriander without the mentioning of Belgian Witbier, included with our all-grain kit!

Coriander Seeds – 25g



Coriander adds a lemony, spicy flavour and aroma to beers. Coriander is found commonly in Belgian ales, especially Witbiers.


For best results, use 15g to 35g of coriander per 20 Litre batch, and the seeds must be finely crushed before adding during the last 2-5 minutes of the boil.

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