Crazy Cactus Distillers Yeast Nutrients 100g

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Crazy Cactus Yeast Nutrients

Super concentrated yeast nutrient for boosting yeast performance. Contains vitamins, minerals (like zinc), nitrogen sources and more!

Crazy Cactus Yeast Nutrients – 100g (The Yeastinator!)

This is a highly concentrated nutrient mix.  Use only 3 – 5 grams per 20L!

Contains sources of vitamins, minerals (like zinc), nitrogen and more!

For distilling

Add to your wash, when some added nutrients are needed to boost yeast performance. It is a must when doing sugar washes or high gravity and adjunct fermentations.  In fact, adding nutrients to any fermentation is highly recommended as it ensures a more stable, predictable and faster fermentation. It drastically reduces the occurrence of off flavours due to stressed yeast.

For brewing

Great for beer making, added to the wort.  This is especially true when doing high gravity or high adjunct fermentations, or when using undermodified grains.  The addition of yeast nutrients in beers over or around 8% can ensure you aren’t going to run into problems with yeast stress and stalling. We add some to every brew however to ensure fast and healthy fermentation and minimize the risk of off flavours.

Yeast Nutrients For Wine Making Or Mead & Cider

Vital for home winemakers and mead makers where the ingredients aren’t as nutrient-dense as malted barley and wheat.

For country wines where more than 90% of the fermentable sugars come from simple sugars, the yeast needs the addition of nutrients to be able to reproduce and thrive. The same is true for making mead, honey is a simple sugar and will need a boost of nutrients for the yeast to ferment at its best.

The Yeastinator is our own special blend that serves as an energiser and nutrient for yeast. Read up on Yeast Nutrients vs Yeast Energiser

We also have a brewer’s nutrient called Fermoplus Nutrients.

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