Crisp – Chevalier Heritage Malt – 25kg Bag Unmilled

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Crisp – Chevallier Heritage Malt

Suitable for any malt-forward ale such as a big robust barley wine. Alternatively, Chevallier Heritage Malt can be used in modern recipes where there is a need to balance a high bitter hop load such as in a Double India Pale Ale.

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Crisp – Chevallier Heritage Malt

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Colour (IOB):

5.0 – 7.0

Tasting Notes:


Beer Styles:

Golden ales, barley wines, IPAs, DIPAs.


Chevallier® Heritage malt is characterised by its rich complexity, deep maltiness and marmalade sweetness, its flavour is as pronounced as its pedigree, leaving around robust malt character in the beer.  We think you will agree that its uses are going to be exciting and varied, including as an excellent balance to high and bitter hop loads and in a barley wine. In today’s market for revival and difference amongst craft brewers, this malt has already become a popular choice, both here and abroad, and with more experimental malts in the pipeline, brewers are champing at the bit to get a hold of a truly authentic grain.

From the malt, you can expect more character, lower attenuation, more sweetness, higher protein content and a longer conditioning time. Standing out in a high gravity strong ale, this malt shows flavours of toasted bread, sweet caramel and cocoa. If the saying is true that ‘it`s the difference that makes it’ then this malt is certainly worth making.

Typical Analysis:

MOISTURE3.5% max3.5% max3.5% max
EXTRACT300 L°/kg80.0%80.0%
COLOUR5.0-7.0 EBC5.5-7.5 EBC2.5-3.3 °L
DP/DPWK/LINTNER55 min IoB150 min WK60 min °L

Additional information

Weight1.001 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 5 cm

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