Dip Tube O-Rings for Corny #109

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Dip Tube O-Rings

These O-Rings are the correct replacement for the O-Rings under the posts on your Corny kegs. When the o-rings are new they have a round cross-section however after being used for some time they turn into a square cross-section so don’t be alarmed if you take the old one out and wonder why the new one is round. It’s simply that the old o-ring has changed shape over time.

Dip Tube O-Rings

These fit all ball lock and pin lock kegs. The dip tube o-ring is easy to replace and is simply a matter of removing the post first then lifting up the gas and liquid dip tubes to reveal the location of the o-ring.

Check out this video that shows you How to change O-Rings on your corny keg.

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