Endozym Alphamyl SB – 1kg

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Endozym Alphamyl SB1 ia a Heat Stable Alpha-Amylase (EC produced from Bacillus licheniformis and is a liquifying enzyme-producing soluble dextrin and very low concentration sugars (maltose, maltotriose and glucose) at a very high temperature.

The Alpha-Amylase activity breaks down starch into soluble dextrins and oligosaccharides via endohydrolysis of 1,4 alpha-glucosidic linkages in amylose and amylopectin. This results in a rapid reduction of the viscosity of gelatinized starch. The Alpha-amylase can operate at lower concentrations of calcium ions than conventional heat-stable alpha-amylases.


Used in the food industry as a processing aid in the liquefaction of starch.
In the starch industry, it is used in the production of syrups, in the brewing industry for liquefaction of the adjunct, and in the sugar industry for breaking down the starch present in cane juice, thereby reducing the starch content, which facilitates filtration.

DESCRIPTION: Brown liquid
OTHERS COMPONENTS: Sodium chloride
FUNCTIONAL USES:  Enzyme preparation Starch hydrolysis in the production of sweeteners, ethanol, and beer
ENZYMATIC ACTIVITY: Heat Stable Alpha-amylase Activity (AHTU/g) ≥ 450
Total Viable Count ˂ 50 000 ufc/g
Coliforms ˂ 30 ufc/g
Salmonella Absent in 25g
Escherichia coli Absent in 1g
The product complies with the requirements of the OMS (WHO), FAO, JECFA and FCC for food grade enzymes.


The product is added to the brewhouse during the mashing.

  • 0.3ml per kg of grain to be added when mashing starts (10-30 mL/100 kg of raw grain).



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Weight1.05 kg
Dimensions13 × 7 × 17 cm

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