Gluco Amylse – 100ml – Liquid

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Gluco-Amylase – 100ml

Purified enzymatic preparation based on gluco-amylase for complete starch degradation.

  • 0.5ml per kg of grain to be added to the fermenter/storage tank (500 g/tons of wort).

Gluco-Amylase – 100ml

Purified enzymatic preparation for complete starch degradation.

An exo-glucosidase capable of hydrolysing the glucosidic alpha-1,6 and alpha-1,4
starch links. Its action releases simple glucose units starting from non-reductive extremities of the
liquefied starch and dextrins. Its application allows a complete conversion of the liquefied starch into


It is used during the malting stage on cold wort, during fermentation, or in the storage tank to

facilitate starch hydrolysis and quick transformation. It is also used in the production of light beers with a low content of residual carbohydrates. It can also be used during fermentation in order to increase the quantity of fermentable sugar

  •  It can be added directly to the mash vessel at the mashing-in or added to cooled wort after yeast pitching, making it very versatile.
  • Glucoamylase can be used between pH 3.5-5.0 and a temperature between 20-70C.  Optimal temperature is around 60 – 65 degrees celcius.


We also have Alpha-Amylase available: Used at higher temperatures in the brew-house during mashing in order to facilitate the hydrolysis of starch into maltose, soluble dextrins and glucose.

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