Grain Bag Nylon 45 x 58cm

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Grain Bag 60 x 57cm

Sturdy, easy to clean, reliable, and specially crafted for Cactus Craft! Get yours today!

Grain Bag 60 x 57cm

Locally and specially crafted for Cactus Craft, this is a sturdy bag with an adjustable nylon string and 2 handles to make it easy to use. Can be used with a partial grain or all-grain brew. Fits in our 50L, 34L, and 21L pots. Reusable bag and easy to clean. The material used for this bag makes it a tough bag that drains water and liquids well.

Ideal to use with our All-Grain Kits!

Easy to use! Look at these steps!

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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions54 × 54 × 64 cm

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