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Cactus Craft iSpindel

This hydrometer allows you to check the specific gravity and temperature of your fermenting brew, without ever having to open your fermenter or pour out any of your brews. This makes brewing so much easier to track and reduces the risk of infection.

Connect to your Brewfather App and follow the fermentation

iSpindel – Cactus Craft

Hydrometer and Thermometer Brew Beer, Wine Making, Spirits

A digital hydrometer for measuring the specific gravity (or degrees Plato) of something you are fermenting. It connects to web services and uploads statistical information. The web service you connect the iSpindel to can graph the temperature and fermentation statistics without you having to physically disturb the fermenter. It can work from inside a fridge or even a stainless steel fermenter.

Instruction Manual: Click here to read all about the iSpindel


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Weight163 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 16 cm

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