Kettlekleer – 10g sachet – 1-5g/hL

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Kettlekleer Granules are a blend of naturally occurring brewery approved seaweed materials used for reducing protein in beer.  Consistency of performance is provided by quality control checks of every batch for wort trub formation.

Brilliant clarity of your cold wort – Kettlekleer achieves clarity by precipitating virtually all haze material from cold wort and giving extensive cold break formation.

Kettlekleer – 5g/hL

  • Kettlekleer is a natural product that removes haze forming material without affecting head retention.


  • Improved fermentation
  • Brighter wort and beer
  • Cleaner, healthier yeast
  • Faster filtration and centrifuge

Sediments out most of the protein in the fermenter. As the size of the remaining particles is increased and their number is reduced, it is far easier to filter and centrifuge, saving time and money.

It contains large, negatively charged molecules called kappa-carrageenan which bind to the positively charged protein in the cold break as it forms. As large molecules fall faster in liquids, the rate of sedimentation is greatly increased. It is only added to boiling wort to help it dissolve. The action of Kettlekleer happens in the cold wort during the early stages of fermentation.

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