Lactic Acid Liquid 80% – 1l

Can be added to cold water or to the hot wort during the mash. Mix thoroughly and allow time for the release of CO2 to neutralise the excess carbonate. calculate your additions from a water analysis or alkalinity reading and aim for the alkalinity of 30-100ppm depending on the beer style.

3ml per hl (100Litres) reduces the alkalinity by 16 mg/litre (ppm).


Use to adjust pH of sparge water down. We use a pipette to measure out lactic acid as it is a liquid.  Add it before you mash in so you can precisely hit your target mash pH (typically the 5.2–5.6 range) upfront.  NB, constant measurement of mash PH is critical to make sure the adjustments achieve the desired result.  Don’t just rely on software pH estimates.

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Weight1.05 kg
Dimensions40 × 15 × 3 cm

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