Mandarin Orange Peel 1kg

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These peels are from Citrus reticulata Blanco or mandarin oranges. These tend to provide a sweet, fragrant, and slightly tart flavor when used in gin production.

The mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata), also known as mandarin or mandarine, is a small, rounded citrus tree fruit. Treated as a distinct species of orange,[1] it is usually eaten plain or in fruit salads.[1] Tangerines are a group of orange-coloured citrus fruit consisting of hybrids of mandarin orange with some pomelo contribution.

The peel is used fresh, whole or zested, or dried as chenpi. It can be used as a spice for cooking, baking, drinks, or candy. Essential oil from the fresh peel may be used as a flavouring for candy, in gelatins, ice cream, chewing gum, and baked goods.[1] It is also used as a flavouring in liqueurs.[1] In Chinese cuisine, the peel of the mandarin orange, called chenpi, is used to flavour sweet dishes and sauces.

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Weight1.15 kg
Dimensions10 × 20 × 20 cm

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