Liquid Malt Extract 6kg

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Pale liquid malt extract for brewing and distilling.

Pale Liquid Malt Extract Syrup – Usage:

Pale Liquid Malt Extract is great for distilling your own single malt craft whiskey. It produces excellent results every time. If you like peated whiskey add a small amount of peated malt in a muslin bag.

This Pale Liquid Malt Extract has a more pronounced malt flavour, making it an excellent malt base for any beer style.  Especially well suited for Pale Ales, American Bocks and English style ales, IPA’s and all darker style beers. If you are making a darker beer you simply steep darker speciality grains to obtain the flavour and colour you are looking for.

To learn more about using this product, check out this video: How To Make The Easiest All Grain Whiskey Ever!

Pale Liquid Malt Extract Syrup – Distilling your own single malt whiskey or making beer



The use of Malt Extract Syrup simplifies beer brewing because it can replace or aid the conventional method of mashing. Malt Extract Syrup is used in breakfast cereals to flavour and colour your morning fuel. Malt Extract’s sweet flavour is added to sauces and gravies, bringing out the mouth-watering savour of your next meal.


Malt Extract has a clean label from processed sugars. This non-diastatic syrup has approximately half the sweetness of golden syrups and its amber hue acts as a colourant.

Our Malt Extract has a distinctive flavour, used in globally recognised drinks, with its caramel-toffee taste and sweet-chocolate nose. It is used in malt beverages and breakfast cereals.

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Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

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