PROTOSOL – 5KG BOTTLE (Quantity is per kg)

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Protosol is a specifically selected colloidal silica sol, which promotes sedimentation of proteins and other solids from beer and wort. Protosol effectively clarifies wort and beer at very low addition rates, enabling increased throughput of your brewery without the need for investment in tank or filtration capacity.

The negatively-charged silica particles in Protosol associate to form hydrogel in the beer and this then interacts with the insoluble beer haze-forming particles. The resultant flocs precipitate to form sediment.

Protosol Best Practices

Benefits Include:

Protosol is a processing aid so is not required to be listed on labels. Protosol does not contain animal derivatives. Beer filterability is enhanced due to removal of solids.

Protosol is typically added to beer at rates in the range 20–200ml/hl. The level of solids in the beer will determine the required addition rate. The correct addition rate is best identified by performing a lab-scale optimisation test and assessing for clarity and sediment compaction.

Additional information

Weight1.01 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 20 cm

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