Siebel Essential Off Flavour Sensory Training Kit

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Siebel Essential Off Flavour Sensory Kit

How to use the Siebel Essential Off Flavour Sensory Kit

To spike your beer sample: Find the appropriate vial. The painted band around
the narrow neck of the vial (the white line) means that the vial is ready to open
without scoring.
If there is liquid above the white line in the vial, gently tap with your finger to
get all the liquid to the bottom part of the vial.

To open the vial, hold it with both hands, with one thumb against the narrow
top section.
You may want to protect your hands from broken glass by using a paper towel,
light cloth or piece of gauze when opening the vial.

Hold the bottom of the vial firmly while pushing the top section away from you
with easy, even pressure. A light pressure should cleanly snap the vial open,
while using too much force can cause it to shatter.

Pour the entire contents of the vial into an empty, clean glass or container that
is capable of holding the appropriate amount of beer as indicated on the kit’s
outer packaging.
Add the appropriate amount of beer to the glass or container. This will yield
approximately three times the flavor threshold of the compound.

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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 2 cm

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