Water Analysis – Standard 11 Parameters

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If you want to make significantly better beer, you need to focus on your brewing water chemistry. From water profiles to brewing salts, mastering this essential ingredient can take your beers to the next level.

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We need 1L of your brewing water, which we’ll then submit to Water Lab on your behalf, and have them run an 11 parameter test, which will give you the information you need to enter your water profile on most brewing software systems.


  1. Buy a bottle of RO water (we need around 1L in total).
  2. Decant the water for later use (we don’t want to waste water!)
  3. Immediately fill the bottle from the source you use for brewing water and reseal.
  4. Drop it off (if you selected pickup) or let us know it’s ready for collection (if you selected courier). And we’ll arrange collection.
  5. We’ll submit it for analysis, and it takes about 2 weeks to get your results back.
  6. Use this information to enter your brewing water profile on your brewing software.

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